Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Great Etsy-pade

I have finally decided to open an etsy shop. Which means that I need to get my act together and organize fabrics, yarns, styles, and photographs into something that says, "buy me!". This requires going through all of my fabric and yarn, deciding which works best for each garment (because using the wrong fabric will completely change the appearance of the design), and limiting those options to a cohesive colorstory of fabrics that are in the same price range. what you see above is the final cut and will be swatched and turned into pages (like the first image) and shown with the corresponding garment so the customer can choose their color and size. Then I make and send it to them. 

For those of you that don't know what etsy is, it is a website similar to ebay (but with a more independent and creative following). You post images and create listings, but instead of customers bidding on your listing and it having a certain number of days to be bid upon, with etsy your listing stays up until it gets bought and you get to set the price. Etsy also lets you list your items as handmade, vintage, or supplies, and the whole things has become such a successful avenue for independent designers that I had to jump on this bandwagon. Hopefully, my new etsy shop will become so lucrative that I won't have to go back to working in the fashion industry of New York for people like my ex-boss who are insane and abusive. 

Fingers crossed, please! The site should launch next week. Check it out: mydearthing

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