Friday, May 29, 2009

ghost game

Last night I met a few friends at our favorite sushi restaurant to celebrate our friend Carly quitting her job.

I met Carly at my last job, and anyone who actually gets out of that studio alive is not someone to be trifled with. ALthough I worked there for one year only, I witnessed ~30 people come and go- 9 of which quit before their first day was over. I am in touch with the best of them, and we get together every so often and hang out, as they are incredibly strong and talented women and are not the kind of people you forget easily. Carly is from Sheffield, England and has a lovely Yorkshire accent. She has been enslaved by our ex-boss for the past year and has finally broken free by achieving her very own 3 year visa! For those of you that have no experience with this process it is infuriating. It takes $5000, a shit-ton of time, effort, and hope, but is based entirely on a lottery-type system, which means even if you pay the $5000 and are qualified you might not get it because your number just didn't come up. Fortunately, her number came up (!) and she can continue to live here and work in this country legally for the next 3 years. This is great news because she is one of my best friends and I would not be happy at all if she were not here. So Carly, Jamie, Tiff and I (all ex-employees of LTS) went for sushi on an unusually cold and rainy night in the LES to celebrate.

We had such a lovely time. Afterward while I was walking home, my head was filled with thoughts of Tim and I living in NYC and the pluses and minuses to it- the pluses being the people we have met here and having jobs, and the minuses being no nature, harsh living, and being far from our families. I came across a ghost town of a baseball game while walking through our local park. Usually this place is hopping. Even at 11:00 pm (which is they time when they turn off the giant lights) there are people playing soccer or catch or whatever. Last night, either because of the misty rain or the temperature, no one was around and it was so peaceful walking through the empty field. I guess it was just one of those romantic moments when I was really glad to be living here, and you realize how important the people around you are- whether they are actually here or not.

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