Friday, June 26, 2009

It is thundering again....

.... but guess who is not in the bathroom this time? 


  1. If it wasn't cruel, I'd ask you to tramp around the apartment banging on things with your fist while, with a director's megaphone, demanding better cowering.

    ...but I'm pretty sure that'd be considered cruel. Let me check.

    Yeah, it's cruel.

  2. It would be especially cruel to me because I would be the one who would emerge the loser. And when you go up against Scraps, that means you are the one who emerges a bloody lump of your former self.

  3. Rubbish.

    Some people go into the fetal position when threatened. All you have to do is go into the 65º position and that cat'll head for the hills.

    Man, I love this º. It is sweet. Who knew ALT + 0 = º? Awesome! Almost as awesome as me listening to Vincent Price's part in Thriller as I type this.

    Another thing I love: the words Blogger makes me type to leave comments here. They are fascinating. Wingiem, contation. I wish I could remember some of the other ones.

  4. I got "zabith'. Like Sabbath, but... Greeker? I dunno. I remember being in Corpus- the first time- listing to Thriller on record and making mom stop the song before Vincent Price laughed because otherwise I would have nightmares. What is really amazing about this whole Michael Jackson Dying thing is the response to it. Everyone is dancing. I haven't gone to a club or been in a cab where MJ wasn't playing in the last 48 hours. I hope people dance at my funeral. Enough with this crying crap. Dance the pain away!

  5. As I told Vandy, Michael Jackson music has become essential for any iPod. Friday was nuts. I left school to go grade at the coffee shop and listened to him all afternoon (as that's all they played in there). I had a nice rhythm going on the grading.

    Agreed. If people aren't dancing or at least laughing at my funeral, then I've led a crappy life.

    Password: hirentm Hiring Tim?

  6. I dunno... It sounds a little dirty to me.

  7. Damn it! I didn't get one that time!

  8. Ah, the Privilege of the Blogger. You have attained a mighty status.

    Password: ulisdor

  9. Don't mock my authority.
    (YESSSS!!! Password: Haliko, a good one.)