Friday, June 26, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Etsy

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the right-hand bar. I have finally opened the much awaited Etsy shop! This is a huge personal triumph for me, but as Tim points out neither he nor Josh (my only two readers) are very likely to purchase things so posting a mini Etsy shop in this venue is not going to redirect potential customers. Oh well. 
Maybe some strangers like to look at pictures of my cats? You never know. 
Whoever you are, go look at my Etsy shop and check back often. I am adding new things everyday. 


  1. I did notice the change and CONGRATS!

    When you start tailoring clothes for my demographic I'll gladly make a purchase. Until then, there is no soliciting in this corner of the onlinternet. Oh, that's right, I came here of my own volition.

    50% of your readers

    PS: You are linked from The Putnam Post, so you may have more readers than you think. I linked your Disney pictures (while ours are being perfected) and my dad checked them out. He thought your pictures (and site) was (were) ours.

    ...until he realized that Tim was in a disproportionate number of them. Too funny. I suppose once you scroll past the banners, both sites do rather resemble each other.

  2. Hmmm.... But the banners are rather, how to put this? Large. But whatever, glad he stopped by! Hi Papa! That's my husband, not your son's "friend". Whew!

  3. Yeah, I even did a test just now to see if it defaulted to the top of the page where the banner is or went straight to the pictures. Uh, the top. The only thing I can think of is that your banner is also a picture (and unrelated to Disney at that). Oh well, I'm done trying to defend the actions of my elders.

    A couple more days like that last day at Disney and Tim and I may have become "friends."

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. I was SO hoping to see the two of you develop a Buddy-System when going to the bathroom.

  5. ps. Where ARE your photos? What, do you guys have a life or something? Get with it!

  6. I can't go as much as Tim does, so that Buddy System was impossible.

    Pictures? What pictures?

    The photographer and her children are in Charlotte now, so perhaps they are reading this. The pressure's on.

    No, she's been working on them through this week. Tough to finish when you have to occupy two monkeys during the day (and drink heavily at night to attempt to forget).

  7. Knowing my sister, I am sure the photos are well worth waiting for. ... However many glasses of wine it takes to forget how long the wait is. But, uh, maybe post them? I'm just saying. Instant gratification is all the rage.

  8. I love your work on Etsy and I love looking at pics of your cats - they make me laugh very much. I am a cat adorer and had to leave my beloved in Australia with my granny when I moved to live in Berlin. So thank you for posting of your cats - I really want to get another one!!!

    cheers, and purrs, Eloise