Sunday, October 25, 2009

And then there was Wilmington.

The other trip I eluded to in my Slowly post was a trip down to Wilmington. Tim's mother, Linda, had surgery and due to the flexibility of my self-invented job, I was available to travel down to lend a hand. It was more entertainment, comfort, and relief that I was needed for because I found a rather stoic woman down at Kure Beach in spite of the procedure she went through, for which I was happy because I had really been imagining the worst case scenario. As it was, I was free to run around with my two niece-in-laws for half of the days I was down there, while taking care of Linda in the morning/ evenings. We became outrageous tightrope walkers on the beach using only a stick and a looong stretch of sand and rounded off the afternoon playing rousing games of imaginary baseball against Bears and Ponies. We were the Rocks, because we had a rock as a mascot. Then, in the early evening, I knocked them both out by reading The Hobbit out loud, whoda thunk? There was a moment with an Easy Bake Oven which is not worth going in to because anyone who has actually tried to cook with that thing knows that it is as effective as trying to fry an egg on a sidewalk on a hot day. Myth only. Lord knows how may people have been taken in by that scam...


  1. Eluded? Perhaps you could illude to it, but in the end, you should allude to the trip to Wilmington.

    Crap, it must be Monday and I've got to be getting ready for class. Nothing else explains this jerky comment.

    If you can't say anything nice...
    Love the cloud/sky picture, though.

  2. Way to say something nice. All in all, I take constructive criticism/ grammar correction well. Pronunciation (ahem, 'melk') is another matter entirely.

  3. You can't help the way you were brainwashed as a child. I don't blame you. I just always grew up in a household where short I sounds were not brutally discriminated against. My family fought long and hard for the civil rights of all vowel sounds.

    ...and we will continue to point out the mistakes of you vowelists. Live vowel or die!