Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going to Grandma's House.

One of the places I went over the past month was my Grandmothers house in Hamilton, NY. It was a reunion of sorts for that side of the family and although I ducked out before the actual party, I got to make the rounds and visit everyone. The highlights of the trip were: the Alpaca Farm, Len's suspenders, seeing my Grandpa's grave and the hours and hours spent talking and laughing. I would give years of my life to have had a video of the week.

wind turbines

I am going to be an alpaca farmer

Tandem peeing
the man who made our day
2 month old baby alpaca

he needs his bangs cut

eating beans off the vine

Len. Under that jacket is a pair of suspenders, a tucked in undershirt, unzipped pants and a pig vein.


Fred, Ian and Meriam
Bill making limeade with Uncle Dave's smuggled Texas limes
Elisha and Texas Caviar

Grandpa's grave
The giving of the Man Bib

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