Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The shaping of the minds.

As some of you know, I am teaching a fashion club once a week at an UWS high school. I go in every Wednesday and do my best to teach 20-25 kids with attention issues how to create a new design inspired by a concept or idea, illustrate it, make the pattern, choose the fabric, sew, and finally present it at their Art Night at the end of the year. Some of them are quicker than others, but all in all, I love doing it because the kids are really awesome.

This year we are doing an Alice and Wonderland (thanks Tim Burton) gone Steampunk theme, titled 'Arsenic and Lace' (this has also lead me directly to my Halloween costume-see the sketch). The proper execution of this concept may prove to be a bit more advanced then their skills, but in the end I think that I will leave them with the impression they can make anything they want to. We are doing everything from beginning to end, including accessories, hair and makeup, styling, etc. Also, we are trying to collaborate with the photography club so we can have it documented this year. Last year we did a Recycled theme and NO ONES PARENTS TOOK PHOTOS AT THE ART NIGHT. In the abbreviated words of my students, WTF?

Mood Board for Fashion Club
Sketch of Halloween costume
I made an umbrella.

...which bores and then frightens Simone, apparently.

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