Friday, October 16, 2009

Slowly keeping up with the Jones'

Perhaps a better title..... But, hey, I have been busy. Over the last month I have been traveling 2 out of the 4 weeks, had 16 items to make wholesale and 25 to make off the Etsy shop. PLUS I started teaching the Fashion Club again. Slack is deserved, so cut me a bit please and enjoy the photo updates for the next few days!

We begin with a birthday celebration. Most of you will remember our best friend Mike Dickey. For his 30th birthday a bunch of us went on a 80's themed Booze Cruise and then continued the evening (via a busted limo-also from the 80's...) at the DVD release party for the movie Adventureland. This was a Karaoke Party. Tim and I made shirts for everyone to wear and I made a facial hair cut out on a stick of/ for Mike. We called it the Mike Stickey. Fun was had.

(The evening is posted in reverse because blogspot respects no order. This is probably for the best.)


  1. Good to have you Joneses back.

    Blogspot respects order.

    ...reverse order. I can never plan ahead well enough to mentally reverse things first so they render positive chronologically instead of negative chronologically. Copy and paste will become your friend if you continue posting pictures.

    My favorite, by the way, was Mike and the Statue of Liberty. I thought it was one of those trucker rally bursts of colored flame coming out of his head at first.

    My eyes were deceiving me.

    The shirts are great. If I had access to that screen printing equipment, I'd never get anything done. Well, other than making stupid shirts for myself.

  2. Iron-on is the poor mans screen printer. Neater and less time consuming.

    From now on I will reverse my thinking. Back to be good.

  3. Poor men are stupid. I enjoy time-consuming and complicated. It represents a larger opportunity to procrastinate in grand fashion.

    Nice final comment. Should I add a Yoda accent to that or what? Actually, too late. I've already done it.