Monday, December 14, 2009

BathTub races

I am not quite sure why/ how I missed uploading this when it actually happened. Weird shit happens in my neighborhood sometimes and maybe 2 months ago, while going to an organic bake sale at a church, I stumbled upon bathtub races. Right across from my grocery store. I didn't ask questions and just said, 'Thank You'. They also gave me a commemorative key chain.

Also, although this signpost is from an entirely different evening I think that it was perhaps the map the bathtub drivers were trying to follow during the race. In reality, this sign exists in Chinatown... Which is absurd for a number of reasons.


  1. Thank god they had "Event Staff" shirts made up for the tub racing.

    On a related note: Never -- I mean ever -- let Aden see this. We would never hear the end of it.

  2. I like the big guy in the second tub who looks like he should be riding motorcycles instead of bathtubs pumping his fist in the air yelling, "FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!"