Friday, December 11, 2009

The fate of our wedding cranes

My friend Lena selflessly folded us alllllllmost 1,000 paper cranes for good luck to hang at our wedding. I am a huge Northern Exposure fan and fellow devotees will recall this ritual being carried out by the Cicely community for Holling and Shelley's second wedding. We took all the cranes Lena folded and hung them up at the wedding, put them in seats, used them as decorations on the buffet table at the reception, put them on top of our cake, and in the end we were stuffing the things in every nook and cranny we could find. Tim and I take one with us when we go on vacations and hide it somewhere for someone else to stumble upon. Even so, we still have a bag full of the little boogers waiting to be distributed in the future.

The other day I actually managed to sneak up on Scraps, in a brand new and very temporary sleeping spot.

Thats right.

On top of a crinkly paper bag full of pointy origami.

How comfortable.


  1. You'd better get out of there or those birds will come to life!