Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fox in the Snow- also Possibly Snow Fox, or in fact, Neither.

In preparation for an upcoming snowstorm my bro-in-law is looking forward to, I give you a wonderful game to play. Fox in the Snow. It could also be called Snow Fox. It could also be called something else entirely which I do not remember. My Aunt Sharon and Uncle George introduced the game to my sister and myself one time back in 1992 I think.

Step 1: Create your track in the snow, as illustrated above (in chicken feet, for extreme clarity). This is essentially a giant circle with an X in it, created by shuffling your feet as you scoot in the aforementioned shape.

Step 2: Players, take your positions. Max. 4. Each equidistant from each other at the ends of the X shape.

Step 3: Decide who is 'IT'.

Step 4: Explain that each player has to stay on the OX Track. You are allowed to move back and forth, across and back. There is NO PASSING. In order to get in front of, or behind another player use one or more of the legs of the X shortcut. Whomever is tagged becomes 'IT' and so on.

Step 5: GO!

Step 6: Laugh hysterically and become outrageously winded.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Now I have something to do if this snow storm actually hits.

    Oh, and nice diagram.