Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goldilocks and the 3 Cats

Ok, technically I am not so much of a Goldilocks anymore as it turns out. For the first time in however many years I am sporting my natural hair color and seeing as though it is wintertime, is awee bit darker than I would have imagined. The 3 cats part of the title remains the same though!

First up is Scraps. I was sewing in the studio part of our apartment when I heard some suspicious noises from the other room. These noises lead me to believe one of our cats had the audacity to sharpen their claws on our couch. With murder on my mind, I race off only to see Pablo sleeping on the couch, totally out and no other cats in the vicinity. Thinking I must have imagined it, I return to my project. Seconds later I definitely hear the exact same noise and return to our living room to re-investigate, only to discover the above cat doing the above thing. If she weren't so freaking adorable with her muffin head and imaginary friends I would have killed her a long time ago. How can you stay mad at this cat?

Second up is Simone, whom has not, for obvious reasons, made an appearance on this blog. She is a very sweet and loving cat. Just like a middle child, Simone is so well behaved she gets looked over occasionally. One example, as photographed, is Simone discovering a new hideyhole in which she can lurk and her brother cannot find her to beat her up. I was putting our clean laundry away the other day and left the closet door open for possibly 5 minutes unattended. I then returned and closed the door. Hours later, as I am going to sleep, I hear Simone (slightly muffled) asking for help. She does this occasionally in non-trapped situations such as corners, so I was not immediately fearful at where my cat had wound up. Honestly, Scraps is the one who manages to find herself in disastrous and life-threatening places, not Simone- and we alllll know Pablo cannot fit in most places to get trapped in them. After some time and investigation I discover that Simone had indeed been trapped some place. The t-shirt section of Tim's side of the closet, just above the shoes.

And finally, we have Pablo. One of his new tricks involves jumping up on our trashcan lid, and then saying his prayers as, out of desperation, he propels his monstrous body the distance to the pattern making table (a distance of approx. 15-17") unspotted and without a net so he can munch on his sisters' food. I have begun moving the food bowls to the top of the refrigerator for obvious reasons. He is still so proud of his death defying leap, even if it is not being rewarded by a stolen munch from the forbidden food bowl, that he is continuing to show off at random intervals. One of these displays occurred as I was making a tutu for the class I am teaching. Pablo charged onto the table, into the discarded shards of tulle and began biting, tearing, and shaking them around effectively decimated my folding system. In retaliation, I made him a special Pablo sized tutu all for his own, which he very clearly loved wearing. It was several days before he slept beside me in a effective punishment of his own. A worthy adversary.

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