Saturday, December 12, 2009

A little Brit named Carly

carly and mariamaria

mike, going double
jess gaydon
ladies and gentlemen, Tim Jones
and the birthday girl herself!

We celebrated Carly's birthday with a fake beard and mustache set made from felt. I, for one, see a trend that will hopefully become something of legendary proportions for birthdays to come! I do apologize for not being pictured here in the group. If memory serves, Carly has a very special photo of me wearing the Birthday Beard which I will try to get a hold of.


  1. Looks like a beard-a-licious good time. I could have used a beard like that on my birthday.

    ...but I got a cool CD (with liner notes written in a foreign language) instead.

    Love this word verification: Sacklist (Must be what Santa has to look at before he takes off from the North Pole on Christmas Eve.)

  2. Hey, if you recall correctly, that cd was straight from the future. Perhaps the script was as well. The world will never know.