Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Lobster

Tim creates a size/scale reference
Big Bob (Jo is an elusive photo subject)

Tim and I took the bus to Park Ridge, NJ to pay an over night visit to Big Bob (my father is known as Little Bob, but not to his face and only when someone has called on the phone and we have to differentiate between the two Bobs) and Jo, my dad's parents. It's like a 45 minute bus ride from the city and absolutely beautiful there. We are cooked and cared for almost professionally when we arrive and going is lovely weekend retreat from NYC. This time, however, Tim and I missed our bus. Stuck in Port Authority for an hour until the next one left, we decided to get a drink in an 'Irish' pub which we found lurking in a dark corner and was as bad as could be expected from an NYC bus station bar. But it sold beer, so we were happy. We drank some beers and planned a honeymoon. Although Tim and I got married July of 2008, we have not had a honeymoon yet. 2010 is the year and we are planning to rent a flat in Paris for a week. Amazingly enough we found some really great ones that are totally affordable! Anyway, after deciding this, we ran off to catch our next bus, which we made and were on our way. THEN, we discovered that we happened to be on the weekend schedule and it would be taking us an hour and a half to get to Park Ridge. The beers were not a good idea. Thankfully incidents were avoided and we arrived with dry pants.

As you may have guessed, we ate the most enormous lobsters in existence for dinner that night. I, personally, have never even attempted to eat a lobster before. I am in a field where I value and will need the use of all of my limbs and digits. However, I will try most things once and went into the situation with an open mind, shadowing my grandfathers technique so it looked like I knew what I was doing. There really should have been a photo montage of my successes and failures but the whole process was just too damn messy for me to even think about touching my camera. I can go ahead an sum up the experience by saying the cats were really interested in smelling me when I got home. Even my shoes. That shit was everywhere and since we were only staying overnight, I did not bring a change of clothes and in spite of going through a dozen napkins I could definitely have used a change of clothes. I imagine that I will not be attempting to eat another lobster until I am rich enough to pay someone to bust that sucker open for me and feed it to me in a saran wrap suit and hood combo which I will have sewn just for the occasion.

It was damn tasty though.


  1. Your dad and Aden made it through some lobster unscathed at Tin Tin over Thanksgiving. Aden, too, was shadowing someone, but somehow made it through without stinking like fishing boat captain.

    8 year old nephew - 1
    Auntie Lauren - 0

    And once the Wii playing begins over Christmas, I expect Aden's advantage to climb.

    What kind of word verification is this? Joinsin. What are you trying to tell me Blogger?

  2. Just to clarify, I was stinking like a fishboat custodian, not a captain, whom I imagine is one of the lucky few to get people to do this sort of task for them. Also.... I think at Tin Tin, those are crab legs. Not lobster.

    Auntie Lauren - 1
    Joshie Poo - 0

    I do hope that there is now a seafood eating Wii game available for me to lose at. Lord knows I am tired of getting KO'ed at boxing by a then 6 year old, now 8 year old. Oh the shame.

    ps. You'd better not joinsin or you'll get crossed off the sacklist.

  3. Those are crab legs at Tin Tin, but on this particular occasion they had lobster, too.

    Nah, fishing boat captains aren't royalty. They have to do it themselves; unless, of course, we're talking about Captain Hook or the pilot of the Love Boat.

    I'll let you keep the score between us as is. It'll make me work harder for next time.

    Very clever postscript. I had already forgotten about sacklist. I need to devote an updateable post to these words.