Monday, December 7, 2009

The place where no one is...

...But me.

Last Wednesday I went to go see New Moon all by myself under the cover of midday on the upper west side. Normally I would not admit to seeing this movie, but it turns out I was the ONLY ONE THERE. A movie all to myself, which was good, except I kept feeling as if someone was sneaking up on me. Maybe a vampire, maybe an employee. I spooked myself all by myself. It was dark, give me a break.


  1. I bet that was somewhat surreal. You had a much different experience watching that movie than most from what I've read.

    It's odd that you feel like someone is sneaking up on you (in a general sense, not you in particular) when no one else was there, but likely wouldn't have if there had been other people in the theater.

    Now, there's a brain-twister for you, psychologists.

  2. I know, right? This is just like the time when FOX reported about Sarah Palin's book release success showing images of people lined up around blocks and blocks...... footage that was later discovered to be from the presidential tour, not her book release. I bet the success of the massive lines in the New Moon footage was from Harry Potter. All I know is that I was ALONE in that theatre- which was the one place I knew I would not be alone in. Creepy. Post-apocalyptic-is-everyone-dead-but-me kind of creepy.