Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh, I do enjoy it when things get explained with little or no effort from myself. The other day I received a Brooklyn newspaper in my mailbox addressed to the previous tenants (vacated some 5 years ago) and instead of chucking it straight into the recycling bin I put it in the next best place, next to the can in our bathroom. Later I opened this 6 page publication which held alllllmost nothing of importance and discovered the above photograph! I will refrain from typing the artists name just incase it shows up in some search or another and the poor guy actually sees the Miniscule Tim and Cripple Cratchit post, but all the same more of his work can be viewed here. Go ahead and explore his site because he is a really talented guy and while I don't think I was wrong to be confused by his "Large Scale Living Objects" (scale being the misleading word here) installation, I do like quite a bit of his other work. So, artist guy living in my neighborhood if you ever come across me hating on your sculpture, sorry dude. My bad. I particularly like the below Where's Lighty? installation and there is a solar powered LED necklace on his site that is very cool as well.


  1. Why don't you just issue an apology on the "hating" post with a link to this one? That way you can give the guy some traffic without the guilty anonymity.

    Hey wait! You aren't using your real name anyway. It's all anonymous unless you recognize the people in the pictures.

    Crap, I've been blogging too long.

    That is a hell of a coincidence, though. Have you gotten the paper in the past as well?

    ...or is it just published once every five years or so?

  2. I doubt that my blog would give him traffic, and the people in the photos probably would be recognized due to proximity, not that I said anything terrible anyway just confusion and mild cynicism. But yes, hell of a coincidence. I have gotten the paper in the past, but because it is such a crappy publication I have just flipped it into the recycle bin. It comes out twice a year or so. 6 pages is all they have to show for 6 months of work. Well done.