Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our roof.

The night before (well, two nights before) we left to visit various parts of NC for the holidays NYC received a foot and a half of snow. Gorgeous and powdery. Needless to say, we all went out in an attempt to ignite our inner children by frolicking, running, snowangeling, wrestling, etc in all 15"of its pure glory. You really have to take advantage of the moment with snow and inspite of getting the wind knocked out of me for the first time since I was 5 years old and panicking, I had a fantastic time. Inner child indeed. The next day was spent trying to finish up Christmas gifts, pack, and get ready to fly out. By this time the beautiful snow had turned grey and slushy, peppered with spots of yellow. How New York.

Anyway, so we left our apartment naively assuming that our roof (we are penthouse remember) was no longer leaking since our super had been up there mere months ago repairing and refinishing it. Sadly not the case. Our roof is sloped and towards the downward part is the drainpipe. As it should be. BUT, things do not go smoothly when it has snowed. The snow melts during the daytime and then freezes in the pipe during the night. the next day more snow melts and cannot go down the icefilled drainpipe and it takes the road less (not that much less) travelled and leaks through our ceiling and into our apartment. For the last 5 years I have been risking life and limb by climbing through our skylight onto the roof in my husbands army tan, long, shit-its-cold, coat armed with a bar-b-que spatula, rock salt and crossed fingers to avoid this leakage. I imagine I look like a Sandperson up there crouched down hacking away with ice flying in every direction. I am sure there is a video somewhere anonymously posted on you tube by one of my neighbors. This year, due to timing, forgetfulness and afterthoughts of hope I did not scrape snow off the roof before we went out of town. And yes, the roof leaked. And yes, our bed was directly underneath. And yes, we had gotten up a 4 in the am to get our flight and had to take a nap before the new years eve partying. This was both inconvenient and convenient because Tim and I have been saving our Christmas cash for a new bed, which we now more than ever will appreciate.


  1. This post should be titled, "Our near lack of roof."

  2. Indeed. Or, "Thank God We Asked for Money Toward a New Bed This Year." "Happy New Bed", as Steff suggested is also applicable.

  3. You mean to say you've been climbing up to your roof with all that melting snow, ever since your roof problem? You're risking yourself too much! I mean, one misstep and you could break more than just the ice! Be careful!