Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Storm 3pm

We have since received 10 more inches and it is still going strong. I have placed walnuts out on our back porch for 'Tailman' the squirrel that lives in our attic and runs all around our back porch driving my cats insane- so he does not have to venture far on the snow covered railings and wires to forage for food, poor little guy. He can guard his nuts while I nervously guard our new bed from the impending roof leakage over the next few days....


  1. What's not to like about that video?

    Snow (check -- though in those amounts it would probably get annoying quickly).

    Great sound from the door opening through the snow (Check).

    Miles Davis' Kind of Blue in the background (Check -- what perfect music for a snowstorm, or any other occasion, I've found).

  2. I thought you'd appreciate the soundtrack. It was a nice day to be at home.

  3. It made my day (So much so that when the kids and I got home from school on Friday, I pulled it up on the computer. We listened to it while the kids sorted through their Valentines from school. It was even perfect in that situation.)