Sunday, February 14, 2010

VD in the City

Usually I am quite the anti-celebrator. I blame the excessive amount of unrequited crushes (crush nothing, it was REAL love) I had in grade school for my lack of enthusiasm I have for this holiday. However, yesterday I accidentally found myself in SoHo (on a Saturday of all days) and stumbled upon the above improvements. Some street team had sponge-stamped the hearts for like, 15 blocks and then covered the usually black painted metal bells with foil and the tag said, "Kiss your wife". Warmed even my black heart.


  1. Oh, that VD. Nothing to see here, folks. Move your gutter minds along please.

    I must say, I had memories of David Cross from Shut Up You F*cking Baby for a moment there. [The part where he's talking about living in NYC and constantly seeing used condoms on the street.] Not in this part of the city (at least not on this day), at least.

  2. Well, it's tomorrow. No VD here.

    [Wiping brow] That was close.