Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fashion Club

The past month of my life has been completely insane with work. The etsy shop had a fabulous month where I actually made double my best before (!), my freelance uniform project decided to actually happen after 3 months in limbo, and my class came to an end. Finally. There was also a bit of project that could have ended up being seen by Madonna, but didn't (long anti-climactic story). In order for for all things to happen at once I was working 20 hour days at home and pulling triple time at the high school. My poor Husband was forced to eat take out and wear dirty clothes, not that he can't do the homey things for himself or doesn't, it just so happens that since I am home during the day and a champ at multi-tasking, the grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc are usually sprinkled throughout my day. Usually. Tim took very good care of me during my frantic month making sure we ate (sometimes at midnight) and had all the ducks in a row for what turned out to be the Best Vacation Ever. What a guy. Anyway, here is the fashion show that almost put me over the edge. The girls gave me flowers at the end of it, which was awesome, but not quite the frontal lobotomy that I would need to come back next year.

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