Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fate of my Alpaca Goods.

Pablo, whom you have all heard about, loves yarn. This is of course, a bit of a pain since I happen to be hiding cones and skeins in every crevice of my apartment so my husband does not cart me off to the nut house. Pablo can sniff out wool and alpaca quicker than a drug dog can sniff out cocaine and he discovers my hidey holes with the greatest of delight- meowing in triumph, rubbing his head all over his prize and actively destroying the careful winding of the skein with full-mouthed bites. Naturally I try my best to keep him away from such delicacies, but sometimes he outsmarts me.

Yesterday as I was unpacking from my trip upstate I pulled out a bag of alpaca goods (yarn, socks, gloves, and a scarf) purchased from the alpaca farm that we love so dearly and placed it on top of my pattern making table. Pablo is not the best jumper (no surprises there) and cannot get up on the pattern making table. Usually. Yesterday he managed to push out the chair for my knitting machine, climb OVER the knitting machine up on the table, rip open the bag of alpaca goods and pull every single item out! Clearly he had hit the jack pot. I am sure he couldn't believe his luck, the bastard.

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