Monday, August 30, 2010

Tango del Diablo

A month ago or so I drug Tim to a tango event at the Player's Club put on by Dances of Vice. A friend of mine from FIT is now one of their performers (Tango and Burlesque) and I hardly need an excuse to whip up a pretty dress and go somewhere random. So we went. And I made Tim buy suspenders and a fat tie (it was 30's brazilian themed) but he said no to the straw boater (probably for the best). The evening began with a free tango lesson- which we promptly failed out of- and continued with professional demonstrations. My friend Lydia is below dancing with her friend Roberto. If you look closely you can see me in the far left corner by the stairs, jaw dropped in awe of her grace, having just slid and tripped my way from the dunce corner of the free lesson back to the bar.

Here are some still shots of the Player's Club (used to be a men's only) and the inhabitants within. Some more graceful than others.

Tim's suspenders. Cleans up nice doesn't he?

The back of a 4 hour dress (silk jersey).

The front-ish of a 4 hour dress.

Free tango debacle

Also, one of the instructors gave a performance with his partner and although the video is very dark, it is worth a watch if you have never seen two men tango. Because it is two men tangoing.


  1. There were really cool charcoals of all the elite members on the wall. Back when dude just got together to get away from the women, now they go to see other women instead of dudes. And no one wants to see drawing of that.