Thursday, September 30, 2010

BurdaStyle Shoot

A few weeks ago I helped out my friend Alison at a photo shoot. At the time I was under the impression that it was for BurdaStyle's lookbook. I have since found out that it is for BurdaStyle's BOOK. That is right. As in published and credited. So there you go. It helps to not fully pay attention sometimes because then a month and a half later you get a lovely surprise.

Anyway, we did a two day shoot and I was the assistant stylist.

Day 1 was at the Metro Day Light Studios on the way way way west side.

Day 2 began at 6 am and we went around the West Village in a mobile trailer. Which is an everyday occurrence for a girl like me, so I was not at all excited or anything.

It was a really great project to be a part of. Not only did I get to work with my friend (who is more than awesome), I was doing something I love doing, something that is easy for me, and I got paid to do it- what a concept! And I didn't have to scan the want-ads to find the job. And they gave me free lunch.


Sometimes living in New York is pretty amazing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Textile Blocks

Tim and I decided to set everything up to do a grand test run of all my recently acquired vintage textile blocks and spice up our new grey sheets with some bright blue.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the block printing process is that it is extremely difficult to take photos of the process, because it is a really messy process.

As you may or may not have noticed, bed sheets are quite large. Larger in fact than an actual bed. As soon and Tim and I were finished printing our sheets, we proudly held them up and admired our fine work. Then we looked at each other in a 'crap where do we hang it to dry' sort of way. We decided that it would most likely be fine hanging over the balcony. Most likely.

During the night, our now lovely sheet had made the unfortunate decision to slither off our railing and drop down like a ninja in the night to our neighbors back porch. Normally this would be fine since we have known everyone in our building for several years and someone is always home somewhere. The people below us on the other hand are a different story. They moved in about ~6 months ago are pretty occasional habitants. And possibly non english speaking (?) since they don't say hi in the hallway when we do see them. So, Tim and I drew straws to settle who would see them now. I lost. No one answered and I left a note taped to their door.

And days passed.

And the note was still there.

And our sheet was still there.

And it looked like rain.

I contemplated our options and in the end decided to take matters into my own capable hands. As you may remember, I have already broken into one of our neighbors apartment to retrieve what was mine, and it was beginning to look like my McGuyver/Mission Impossible skills were about to be called into action. I made a list of our assets in my head and began putting together a plan. We had rope, and a curved hook I could unscrew from my steam machine. We also had gravity on our side! Tim and Pablo came out to help (well, one of them did) and together we managed to swing the hook under the sheet and s l o w l y haul it up.

Tim and Pablo looked like this:
(I tried -for longer than I should have -to find an image of He-Man with a grappling hook. It does not exist on the internet even though He-Man regularly used his grappling hook in the show I was so fond of as a child. I had an action figure to prove it.)

Anyway, we got our sheet back with no help from our neighbors, I took the note down and we congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

Then I printed some shirts.

And Scraps helped.

The End.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Girl Who Loves Cats

My niece Harper is turning 5 on Halloween. She seems older than that, but this could be because she may be turning 6 instead of 5 (?)- but whatever the number, I have devised the perfect birthday gift.

I had originally planned to get her a sweet set of Russian Nesting Dolls. I thought that her tendencies for liking cute little things would attract her to these, plus who doesn't like stacking things up? Nobody, that's who. After scouring the internet and only finding sets with busted artwork (I mean, honestly. If you are trying to make 7 dolls of decreasing size look the same, shouldn't they at least LOOK THE SAME?) I remembered that I am married to an artist! Tim paints! Really well! And could use a project! So I ordered a blank set and Tim and I got together and designed cats. Complete with personalities. And back stories. Because we don't half ass this kind of shit.

I am certain there will be many more images of this project. Since I like cats a lot and this blog seems to be about little else.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Even Evil is Cute when it Wakes Up.

10 minutes before this, he was trying to kick my ass for being in the apartment.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Express storm in 6 parts*

We had a super storm the other day which was apparently a tornado in other parts of Brooklyn and Queens. I did not know that until the following day, but I had taken some videos anyway because it was an interesting storm. The following is taken over the course of maybe 25 minutes. Pretty wild.

* and a bird in the house at midnight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fruit of the Loom

Let me begin by saying that I carried this upstairs all by myself. Between my butt and the box, we barely fit in the width of the staircase and I buffed the railing to a shine. But (zing!), I made it. And it was worth it because this box contained the most glorious present ever. A table top loom!

While I was upstate, I heard tell of a loom that was in my great uncle's basement and was absolutely ecstatic when Jim gave it to me! Well, there were 2 looms actually, but the other one is massive and I would need several thousand square feet more room than my current apartment offers in order to get it up and running. The table top loom on the other hand, is the perfect size for someone with my space issues and- let's face it, knowledge of equipment. My experience with weaving comes from a 1989 Girl Scout field trip, but there is a place in the city that offers lessons and after I get the Fall Collection up on the etsy shop that is exactly where I am headed! I am sure there will be pictures of me struggling to set the thing up and plenty of delightful misadventures and projects quite soon. For now though, just unpacking it was a blast!

Either a really big box or a a really small cat (pretty sure that's not a small cat).

UPS packing: approved by 2 out of 3 cats.

So, Jim, greatest Great Uncle ever, thank you so much! Your mother's loom will be loved and cared for and probably bestowed upon my unborn children, assuming they are recipients of the Mauck gene which renders us giddy around anything that we can possibly make something with -whether we currently know how or not.

Beware of motion sickness.