Thursday, September 30, 2010

BurdaStyle Shoot

A few weeks ago I helped out my friend Alison at a photo shoot. At the time I was under the impression that it was for BurdaStyle's lookbook. I have since found out that it is for BurdaStyle's BOOK. That is right. As in published and credited. So there you go. It helps to not fully pay attention sometimes because then a month and a half later you get a lovely surprise.

Anyway, we did a two day shoot and I was the assistant stylist.

Day 1 was at the Metro Day Light Studios on the way way way west side.

Day 2 began at 6 am and we went around the West Village in a mobile trailer. Which is an everyday occurrence for a girl like me, so I was not at all excited or anything.

It was a really great project to be a part of. Not only did I get to work with my friend (who is more than awesome), I was doing something I love doing, something that is easy for me, and I got paid to do it- what a concept! And I didn't have to scan the want-ads to find the job. And they gave me free lunch.


Sometimes living in New York is pretty amazing.

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  1. I'm gonna say it: That's awesome. Especially the double free lunches.