Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fruit of the Loom

Let me begin by saying that I carried this upstairs all by myself. Between my butt and the box, we barely fit in the width of the staircase and I buffed the railing to a shine. But (zing!), I made it. And it was worth it because this box contained the most glorious present ever. A table top loom!

While I was upstate, I heard tell of a loom that was in my great uncle's basement and was absolutely ecstatic when Jim gave it to me! Well, there were 2 looms actually, but the other one is massive and I would need several thousand square feet more room than my current apartment offers in order to get it up and running. The table top loom on the other hand, is the perfect size for someone with my space issues and- let's face it, knowledge of equipment. My experience with weaving comes from a 1989 Girl Scout field trip, but there is a place in the city that offers lessons and after I get the Fall Collection up on the etsy shop that is exactly where I am headed! I am sure there will be pictures of me struggling to set the thing up and plenty of delightful misadventures and projects quite soon. For now though, just unpacking it was a blast!

Either a really big box or a a really small cat (pretty sure that's not a small cat).

UPS packing: approved by 2 out of 3 cats.

So, Jim, greatest Great Uncle ever, thank you so much! Your mother's loom will be loved and cared for and probably bestowed upon my unborn children, assuming they are recipients of the Mauck gene which renders us giddy around anything that we can possibly make something with -whether we currently know how or not.

Beware of motion sickness.


  1. That is some bubble dance

  2. Well Jim Harp! Fancy seeing you on here. That bubble dance was just for you, you know (although I did enjoy myself immensely).