Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Textile Blocks

Tim and I decided to set everything up to do a grand test run of all my recently acquired vintage textile blocks and spice up our new grey sheets with some bright blue.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the block printing process is that it is extremely difficult to take photos of the process, because it is a really messy process.

As you may or may not have noticed, bed sheets are quite large. Larger in fact than an actual bed. As soon and Tim and I were finished printing our sheets, we proudly held them up and admired our fine work. Then we looked at each other in a 'crap where do we hang it to dry' sort of way. We decided that it would most likely be fine hanging over the balcony. Most likely.

During the night, our now lovely sheet had made the unfortunate decision to slither off our railing and drop down like a ninja in the night to our neighbors back porch. Normally this would be fine since we have known everyone in our building for several years and someone is always home somewhere. The people below us on the other hand are a different story. They moved in about ~6 months ago are pretty occasional habitants. And possibly non english speaking (?) since they don't say hi in the hallway when we do see them. So, Tim and I drew straws to settle who would see them now. I lost. No one answered and I left a note taped to their door.

And days passed.

And the note was still there.

And our sheet was still there.

And it looked like rain.

I contemplated our options and in the end decided to take matters into my own capable hands. As you may remember, I have already broken into one of our neighbors apartment to retrieve what was mine, and it was beginning to look like my McGuyver/Mission Impossible skills were about to be called into action. I made a list of our assets in my head and began putting together a plan. We had rope, and a curved hook I could unscrew from my steam machine. We also had gravity on our side! Tim and Pablo came out to help (well, one of them did) and together we managed to swing the hook under the sheet and s l o w l y haul it up.

Tim and Pablo looked like this:
(I tried -for longer than I should have -to find an image of He-Man with a grappling hook. It does not exist on the internet even though He-Man regularly used his grappling hook in the show I was so fond of as a child. I had an action figure to prove it.)

Anyway, we got our sheet back with no help from our neighbors, I took the note down and we congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

Then I printed some shirts.

And Scraps helped.

The End.


  1. What a delightful post. As was the one of going to church and saving Scraps. Oh Scraps. I don't remember Tim and Pablo looking quite like that, but close enough. You should write a children's book.

  2. So is this what they call A snatch and grab job in NYC?

  3. It would have to be rated R.

    It is a good thing we live in such a communal building where almost everyone has known each other for years otherwise I am sure that someone would mind the Snatch and Grab Back What Was Already Mine Jobs I have been committing (well, if they knew about them).

    I should also say that I have had to break into my own apartment on several occasions as well, not just my neighbors.