Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please, have a seat.

Last weekend Tim and I checked out a new flea market that just opened up in our neighborhood. As we were walking around I began noticing the extreme variation of bizarre places to rest yourself. Never have I seen a fuller spectrum of seating choices.
(not the name of the store, but should be)

Barber chair

Tim getting a close shave

Blacksmith wheel

Liberty bell rocking chair

Hot drying styling chair, but from the 80's?

Lazy baby boy


For when you get your food to go.

Tim being a creepy old lady. I love the fake Louis Vuitton logo lining.
Orange wire wrapped bar stool


fringed mushroom

This is not a real horse

babies pushing babies

What the hell are those extra bits outside of the armrests? Pointless, that's what.

Looks harmless enough at the top, but just check out that gliding action at the bottom!

This was outside. It says you can rent it for $100 or buy it for $200. Which reminds me, I have some good images for Halloween coming up! Now, go take a load off.

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