Monday, November 1, 2010

The Best of the Best

For Halloween this year (every year up here actually) there was several nights of celebration. Friday we went to a birthday party which was supposed to be costumed but there were only 4 of us dressed up-with Tim and I holding up half of that amount (though one of us could just take his mask off and look dapper in his wedding suit). Needless to say I did not take many pictures of all the fun costumes this evening. The next night we ran around with Maria and Evan and somehow I was having too much fun to remember to take photos. Anyway, there was a really well done Selena at one of the places we went, but most of the others were just sad, ill-researched costumes not worthy of picture taking.

Personally, I do just a little bit of research when I will be dressing up as something because not only to I want it to be the best that it can be, I don't want to have to explain it to everyone. I want it to be recognizable and maybe it is the designer in me, but I want it to be accurate as well. I am the only person within a 5 mile radius of myself who feels this way apparently. The worst of the worst was this douchebag version of David Bowie. This guy was on stage, the lead singer in a band and didn't bother to even look at a picture of David Bowie before claiming he was him. This is personal because David Bowie is one of my favorite people in the world. We have spent time together and I know every word to everything he has ever sung. AND I was thinking about going as him this year, but decided I couldn't do it justice (next year I will however, just to show that guy up). Maybe that DDB (Douchebag David Bowie) was like 19 or something and the poor dear just didn't have the attention span to do a Google search or god forbid open a book and perhaps I just take Halloween a little too seriously, but I was personally affronted by his costume. For those of you unfamiliar with David Bowie, He looks like this:

As you can see, there are several different incarnations (periods) which you, as a Halloween costumer could choose to represent. The DDB had chosen to bludgeon the greatest of all, known as Ziggy Stardust.
It could be done really well, and not by knocking off the jumpsuit either. See below.
This even involves cross dressing, which is complicated to pull off! Those are girls. The one on the left is Angie Bowie- his first wife. He is now married to Iman (who I actually have more to say about later in the week, so stay tuned assuming you manage to read this far down in the post and are not merely looking at the images wondering just what the hell I did for Halloween...). The one on the right is a really good Ziggy Stardust. For the first time, I am wishing that I took a picture of the DDB do I could contrast at this point. I will try to create a mental image. He had chosen an ass-length redneck blonde feathered mullet and not bothered to spray it orange or even cut it. Then he had chosen a Steven Tyler scarf which he danced with and tied on his microphone-not at ALL like David Bowie. This next part is the most unpardonable of his sins... He was wearing a cheap black and white 90's version of a psychedelic print zoot-suit fitting Austin Powers outfit. Seriously. It would have been better if he had dressed as a farmer and claimed he was David Bowie. The real David Bowie would never be caught dead in what that guy was wearing. I mean, I thought that DDB was a really stupid looking Joker character or something because he had even managed to misrepresent the face make-up which is clearly the easiest part of the costume. If you can't get that right just stop otherwise you are going to make some poor girl dressed as the embodiment of Love and Peace feel like throwing her drink at you with surprising accuracy.

Whew, enough of that. Anyway, a plethora of good costumes have been popping up on facebook and I wanted to show y'all the costumes of people you might know. Or that my mom might know because she fed these kids at some point during my youth.

This is Bentley.

Annalise on the left as a Sugar Skull

As does this one, even though I have no idea who it is.

This is Tim Janson as the Boy With Nails in His Eyes.

Jessie Williams as Space

My friend Tracy as a Crazy Cat Lady. I love the smeared lipstick.

This is Annalise's brother and sister-in-law. They are awesome.

His name tag.

My friend Tiff who actually eats Spam and likes it.

And one more of Love and Death, about to dual in an elevator. This is a good time to mention that my outfit was so right on that the vest underneath was the spitting image of one the Hyde wore on the Halloween Special of that 70's show and my jeans (those patch front and back pocket poly cotton blend bell bottom dealies) were so authentic that I had to carry a pair of pliers with me in my mothers purse just so I could go to the bathroom and get back into them. Take that, DDB.

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