Monday, November 8, 2010


For those of you with cable, please tune in Tuesday at 10 pm to Bravo. It is the premiere of season 2 of The Fashion Show. Oddly enough, the guy who lives in the apartment next door (loyal readers will remember a post about me breaking into his apartment to retrieve my howling cat) made some cameos last season. His family owns B&J Fabrics where the contestants go to get supplies and he works there when he is not studying to be an architect. But that was last season. This season, my friend Jeffery (second from the left below) is a contestant. We went to school together at FIT and he was one of those really kind super talented beings that came into school with flawless sewing skills and amazing illustration talent, so I really can't wait to see what he will create for the show. Also, Iman is the cohost this season! Not that I am all about Iman or anything but she is married to David Bowie, whom you know I am bat shit crazy about. Let me break it down like this: I know someone who knows someone who is married to David Bowie. We are now that much closer to hanging out and being friends (pssh, humbly assuming he doesn't know who I am already and isn't holding his breath waiting for an excuse to call me up to chat, so I don't think he is a freak or something).

Anyway, I'll be watching the premiere at David Bowies house (in my mind, in reality I will be in my living room). You should watch it too. Tuesday. Bravo. 10/9c.

You can also see more about Jeffery here and here.

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