Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh the cats...

I had to wait to post these images out of principal. To clue you in, there was an incident when I was 12 or so when I got the Big Idea to sneak into my parent's closet during the Christmas pre-season and peek at all of my unwrapped gifts. What did I do with the wrapped gifts bearing my name you ask? I slit the tape and peaked at them too, naturally. This predisposition to disliking surprises is not entirely my fault, as I was raised by a woman who in January would come home with a cat-who-ate-the-canary look on her face and sing song to me, "Lauren I bought you the best gift todaaaaaay!" After much excitement and badgering it would finally come out that she had in fact, bought me the best Christmas present and I would have to wait nearly a year to find out what 'the best present' was. Since the incident of my 12th year, I have for the last 17 years, gotten stickers on all my gifts that say, 'no sneakin', no peekin" and everyone but me laughs. So, it had been ingrained in me since pretty much birth to not get excited at all for presents of the obligatory nature (birthdays and Christmas). My mother however, has remained unaffected despite my constant attempts to inflict the same damage upon her at every opportunity.

Harper's birthday was just such an opportunity. Due to the teaser post about the present Tim and I were making her she was very excited about seeing them completed. I informed her that she would receive no preview of the finished cats here and would have to wait until after Harper's birthday to see the finished set. Hell, I even mailed them to her house first so she would have to take the unwrapped gift to Raleigh herself-without peeking! I am laughing hysterically as I write this because I have just realized what I have done but God, what an ungrateful daughter I am! So mean, right? Anyway, here are the cats.

They have names and personalities and everything and are so friggin' cute. Especially that mouse. I'd tell you more about them but I am still staggering over how mean that was to mail the package to my mom when she just wanted to see those cats and that mouse that is so damn cute. I'll have to make it up to her in obligatory Christmas gifts or something.


  1. Those are quite fantastic. And I think your mom would agree, at least after reading this post, that your meanness was entirely warranted.

  2. Yeah, its funny. I at least felt bad about torturing someone with excitement, but maybe I was just feeling sorry for my own youth instead of my mom-I am sure she is still unaffected. But yes, the cats are great. I had a hard time giving them up!