Monday, December 27, 2010

In Lieu of a Flight

As I type this Tim and I should be in the air, on our way to a wonderful family visit in Charlotte. Instead I am sitting with a heater under my legs, wearing Tim's puffy coat (and slippers) and 3 cashmere sweaters. At least I live here and am stranded at my own apartment rather than an expensive hotel or the airport. I have been stranded at airports on several occasions in the past and as fun as it seems in the movies (read: not fun at all), it is even less fun in real life.

While my mother gently weeps for the delay in our holiday celebration, I will catch you up on another ill-fated trip Tim and I recently went on. Our smaltzy New York Christmas trip. Devotees will recall that I was rather excited about doing all things touristy this year since Tim and I were going to be here for Christmas instead of NC. We tried, honestly we did, but the tourists got there first. I realized rather quickly that because I am a local I have absolutely no patience for things that unexpectedly take longer than they should if I had gone at a different time. This occurs in my daily life, as well as attempted celebrations. Example: I do not do laundry on the weekend. That is when everyone else does laundry. I have the luxury to do it on a Monday morning when no one else is there instead of wresting a hipster for a dryer on a Saturday afternoon. I also do not go grocery shopping from 3-4pm. The school bus drops kids off a few blocks from our grocery store and all the parents go there after picking their kids up and the whole trip takes 6x longer. It turns out that the same principal is in effect for smaltzy Christmas celebrations. Tim and I went to the Central Park ice skating rink and there was like 600 people there waiting for their 5 minutes on the rink. The workers were wearing orange vests and were policing your skate time, technique and direction with bull horns and stop watches.

This is us, not participating.

We did see a group of idiots in their underwear on a big rock though.

Tim and I decided that it was too light outside to go on a carriage ride, so we walked down to Rockefeller Center to check on their skating rink. It was worse because everyone wanted a photo with the giant tree.

It is pretty distasteful to look around and see 1000 people hurrying to make the same memory as you are hurrying to make. So we went home, had a glass of wine and a I cooked homemade Chicken Pot Pies and we had a delightful evening just the two of us.

Pretty cool stuff on the way home though.


  1. Is this the same "principal" who lets school out at a time when you would otherwise prefer to be grocery shopping? We could call him the principle principal. effect, y'all.