Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a thought

Do you know what I was thinking this blog needed? More cats*.

*Not a true statement.

This is pretty much a daily occurrence. It demonstrates the sheer size and force of this cat. Here: a picture for reference.

Also, Pablo has expressed an interest in learning to knit.

Just a bit of fun, whoo-hooo!

Part 1: There was a massive grasshopper in the house! It was huge! I was listening to music with my headphones on and was alerted to it's presence by our faithful watchcat Scraps who has the kind of meow that sneaks up into your ear and stabs your brain until it bleeds.

Part 2: Unfortunately she could not get to it as it was wisely hanging out towards the ceiling instead of the floor. Also unfortunately, this placed it's expulsion from the apartment in my hands- which I covered in a pair of striped socks to trap and release it back into the wilds of our back porch.

We got a wreath. As soon as I got Scraps off it, I wrapped some branches in silk yarn and Tim found these birds.

Oh! We also got our first Christmas Tree. Every year Tim and I leave the city to go visit family (as is our punishment for being the ones who live far away) so we usually don't decorate. This year however, we are going to be here for Christmas and we are planning a smaltzy New York Christmas adventure-complete with handsome cab ride and ice skating. We also got a tree and covered that thing with wedding cranes. Only 590 left!

Merry Christmas!

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