Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lentil Bean

Yesterday Tim and I had our first doctor's visit. I had already met with my future OB back in October just to check her out and make sure I wasn't going to eventually going to be stuck with someone that I didn't get along with for 9 months. She is great and I choose her based on affiliation with St. Luke's Roosevelt (pretty much the only hospital in the city that has a birthing center). On Tuesday evenings she schedules some evening appointments, meaning Tim can join in on the peeing-in-a-cup-getting-blood-taken fun. During our appointment yesterday he pretended that we had just met on the street, which was great because I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I am ~6.5 weeks pregnant and it seemed to me (and probably a lot of first time moms) that that is a hell of a long time to wait for some 'official' input/confirmation. There is all sorts of shit that can go wrong during this time that you don't want to think about and there is really nothing you can do about any of it except read everything you can get your hands on. With all the literature out there it does take up most of that waiting period, but in this day and age the internet provides alllll sorts of ridiculous misinformation. And unfortunately as my sister points out, this misinformation is spoken quite loudly by the least qualified of today's humanity- and these are the future parents! Never in my life have I been exposed to such idiots. And I mean, people that are seemingly idiots on purpose. They are that idiotic.

So, I was pretty anxious for my first appointment but everything went really well. We were even able to see a heartbeat! And I can't possibly describe how amazing that is. This thing is the size of a lentil and it is growing organs. Ones that work already! By the end of this week it will be the size of a chickpea. She also said that our Estimated Due Date is 9/10/11, which is pretty cute.

Over this past weekend, I went to my friend Monika's house. She has a 9 month old darling girl named Faye whom I had not met yet (in addition to her 2 other children Lila 14, and Skye 11, whom I have met). We had a wonderful time catching up and she had a lot of information to share. She also had her bellies to share! During her pregnancy her family and her cast her belly at different stages and she let me try them on. It was really bizarre, especially since I am not showing at all and won't be for some time.

This is her 6 month belly. They had painted it orange for Halloween.

And this is Monika's 8.5 month belly. Holy crap.

This is me, realizing that I cannot see my feet. I am so going to cast my belly when I start showing and make Tim wear it.


  1. Oh yay! I love the belly casting idea. I in fact bought a pregnant friend a belly casting kit once, but then decided to keep it. Not that I've had a need to use it, but one of these bored afternoons after an intense Wii Fit ab-exercise session, I might just want to document my progress in plaster...

    And just as a warning, your child may blame you for having their birthday when school starts, EVERY YEAR. At least when they're old enough to know you had some degree of control over their birthday. And yes, I'm a bitter September 1st baby.

  2. I could tell that was coming from somewhere um, special. I am a reformed bitter November birthday. It has fallen on Thanksgiving on several occasions, but during break every time, and I never got to have my 'special day' as a school wide celebration -which is totally what would have happened as I was outrageously popular (har, har).

    There is never a good time for a birthday. Perhaps this child will just spontaneously burst into being?