Thursday, March 3, 2011


Things are finally calming down over this-a-ways. Tim and I had a busy, busy February and as many of you know February just happens to be the shortest month of the year, further complicating our circumstances.

Many of the events during last month were planned in advance and thus approved activities which were joyous and happy events. First, Tim turned 40 at the beginning of the month and we had been planning something special for the event to attempt to ward off any potential crisis or letdown of the sometimes celebrated event. The something special was a trip to the island of Kauai, known as the Garden Island of Hawaii. There will be a post all it's own about this trip very soon. Secondly, my Canadian soul sister Steff came for a visit and we ran around doing all sorts of wonderful things like going to see a ballet (Swan Lake), and seeing tapings of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (awesome).

Between planning these two things many months ago and them actually happening I became pregnant, which was also planned but still a surprise because these things can't always be precisely planned, if you know what I mean. Also, a few days into the new year, I received a letter from our landlord informing me that he was raising our rent again. Tim and I were already in a bit of a bind because holy crap we have a lot of stuff and holy crap babies need a lot of stuff (though not as much as we are lead to believe). In our 650 sq. foot apartment I have my studio, Tim has his studio, and we live-all 5 of us, soon to be 6- trying not to step on each other. Upon discovering that I was pregnant we began racking our creative brains for possible space saving solutions, but I immediately stopped the wheels from turning when I received the letter from my landlord further jerking us around. The good news is within 5 minutes of receiving said letter I had found and made an appoint to view what would become our new apartment. The bad news is that we had to move in February and pay double rent (suuuuucks). With all this happening I decided to close up the etsy shop for the month to try to minimize the areas of aggravation I had some degree of control over.

A better decision has never been made, as I was/will always be in charge of organizing and packing up 6+ years of our lives. Some of you may be thinking, '650 sq ft? How much crap could they possibly have?' Answer: more than any of you. We are masters at creative space using and given the Mauck gene I have inherited I had managed to hide things even from myself. The genes Tim inherited have also enabled him to squirrel things away, though he tends to hide things in our attic area that he no longer wants or will ever use again but feels the need to keep anyway. The result of me being in charge was The Big Minimize, perhaps a pleasant side effect of pregnancy nesting. I was very lucky to hit a window of productivity to complete these Olympic scale tasks however because one of the only negative side effects of being pregnant I have been afflicted with was about 6 weeks of complete and utter exhaustion which finally lifted mere days before I began packing.

Anyway, February was busy. And I didn't have the internet for a week or so, but I do now and I can finally relay a wonderful doctor's visit that we had when I was just 10 weeks along. All I can say is no freaking wonder I was exhausted because holy crap this kid has grown! We go to the doctor and they do a sonogram and low and behold, our baby looks like an actual baby instead of a dot like it did last time we were there. It is laying on it's right side and facing the camera, so to speak so we can see its head, some facial features, and two arms and two legs. Tim and I are just kind of gazing at it and marveling at how different it is this time when it MOVES! It does this little shoulder shimmy dance move wiggle then flops over on it's back, wiggles around some more and then settles into the first position. Our minds just shorted out, you have never heard such a quiet room. We could tell the doctor was totally impressed as well. I mean, it is the size of a Kumquat! It was awesome. Next time we go, I am taking the video camera just in case it starts tap dancing or something.

* Fun Fact: When I was younger, I had a mouse named Kumquat. Kumquat was a particularly deft mouse who had several failed escape attempts to his name before he eventually succeeded and proceeded to carve out his free and feral life inside bowels of our house in Wilmington. I am sure my parents would have been more concerned had two mice escaped instead of just one and/ or we weren't about to move again. Circumstances otherwise, we just made sure to clean up the occasional mouse turds when the house was being shown.