Sunday, June 5, 2011

What feels like years ago.

Well hello!
What's that? You thought I was dead? I can see how you would think that. I was just in a pregnancy induced coma for a few months, but now that I am not sleeping 14 hours a day (hey, I was growing a new organ, plus a soon to be completely independent life form). I won't sport with your intelligence here by describing all the bizarre things I have been dreaming about, but I will give you a quick photo recap of our distract-the-midlife-crisis birthday trip to Hawaii for Tim's 40th.

A little bit alarming.

10.5 hours!

On Kauai, like, 1800 feet up or something.

On Tim's actual birthday, we kayaked and then hiked to a waterfall and went swimming. It was awesome. Which totally reminds me of the funniest part of our vacation. I can only describe this from my point of view, obviously which normally wouldn't be so drastically different from Tim's point of view. In this case however, there is a very large discrepancy between what I saw (ie: reality) and what Tim saw (who the hell knows).

We were hiking back from the waterfall to the kayak and passed some other tourists going to the waterfall. It was a guy and a girl, and he was taking her photo over by a stream. He saw us coming and since Tim was in the lead asked him if he would mind taking a photo. The girl was already over by the stream (the guy was already taking photos of her) and granted was wearing a brown shirt, which kind of blended in to the background. BUT, she was wearing a bright yellow skirt with her brown shirt which did not blend in at all. The guy hands Tim the camera and goes over to join his lady for a together photo. I assume (naturally) that Tim is taking photos of the two of them like a normal person. He is jokingly giving "them" direction and even says that he is going to take some close-up shots. As soon as he is finished with these close-up shots the couple says thanks and begins to move towards us to get their camera back. Apparently this is the moment when Tim realizes that there are 2 people he was supposed to be photographing, not just the guy. He looked at me with eyes as big as dinner plates and whispers, "....Oh my god, did you know that there was a girl over there too...?" Then, quick as lightning, he starts snapping photos of them again- though these images are just of her walking out of the shot. I begin laughing uncontrollably because I immediately see the pictures he had been taking in my mind. Close-ups of some dude with a random arm poking in the left side. I bet she wasn't in ANY of them! And she was, like a foot away from the guy in real life. And only 25 feet from us. I could not believe that he didn't see her until she began moving! The whole time. I can only imagine how weird they thought he was when they looked at the photos later and realized that Tim had all but cropped her out of them. Mr. Observant.

These were the other tourists.

All the pregnant ladies were in bikinis. I wonder why people try to sell the rest of us maternity suits. Trust me, they don't fit.

All the Iron in the sand.

Awesome canopy of trees.

Taro fields

And home again. To 12 more weeks of winter.

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  1. So glad to see you are still on this earth. Hope you keep posting
    Nice pictures, Thanks