Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Quick Catch Up

As most of you know, Alice arrived on September 7th. The past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind of time and emotion. I am in the process (the long process) of writing her birth story to share, but in the meantime please enjoy the remaining month by month pregnancy photos!

July: We travelled waaaaay too much this month and it really took a lot out of me. It was also super hot in New York-like we had a $500 electric bill kind of hot. We are still borrowing my grandparents spare car and without it this month I would have certainly died. And it would have been a tragic death because without the car I would not have been able to get ice cream at the grocery store-who wants to die without ice cream?

August: The heat becomes more bearable and I start freaking people out at the gym. And at the grocery store. And on the street. Pretty much just by leaving my apartment, I begin to make strangers uncomfortable due to my size. In New York, no one looks at you. Oh they see you, but they don't look at you. Unless you are 8 months pregnant. Then they can't help but look at you and when they realize that you have caught them looking at you they begin to get scared that if something were to happen to you while they were looking they would be responsible for actually helping you. Then they get mad that your life decisions are now possibly effecting/ inconveniencing their day. Instead of everyone being charmed by my state of being, this month I begin to get glared at by a shit ton of women. I also get a shit ton of men who feel free to tell me I should be at home on the couch with my feet up eating ding dongs and watching trash tv. And I was a very healthy, capable pregnant lady. I was not waddling or wheezing. I was walking around with a spring in my step. This month I began to get awee bit tired of being pregnant.

September: Thankfully, I did not have much longer to go. Alice came just 7 days into this month, which was a blessing because I did not fit into any of my clothing, Tim's clothing, or my shoes. I was also peeing 6x a night and managed to drink 50 gallons (50!) of water in a 30 day period. Though obviously it did not spend a long time in my system. Tim and I were very excited to meet Alice and the last week and a half of my pregnancy was pretty tense because I lost my mucus plug and had a bit of false labor. And then nothing.

This is me trying to relieve some back pain.

We did manage to entertain ourselves whilst we were waiting for Alice to make her debut. During Hurricane Irene we cast my belly. And of course I made Tim wear it.

I am on the left and Tim is on the right.


  1. Great post keep them comming

  2. I think the greatest pregnancy tip I've ever heard/seen is to buy a sectional. And is that a baby carrier on the dress form?

  3. It is a baby carrier on the dress form (but I didn't make it, I just hung it there). The sectional sofa could possibly have been replaced by a lawn chair with a hole cut out the center. As a stomach sleeper, I would have been all over that!