Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 Weeks

7 Weeks:

The developments never cease! Earlier today as I was taking her weekly photos, Alice and I finished up the session by having some tummy time. Alice has a lot of tummy time as her preferred sleeping position is on my chest, but I have been making an effort lately to give her some independent time so she can scooch around and such. I am shocked to report that when I put her on her belly today she just rolled right over! Like it was nothing. I think that my response surprised her because after a second of looking pretty darn pleased with herself she stared at her squealing and clapping mamma like I was insane (which, incidentally is a genetic trait). Luckily I had the camera right by so I switched it to video and flipped her over in the hopes she would do it again and I could email Tim at work (success). In other news this week the epic battle of Alice vs. The Gas continues. Who shall be the victor? Tune in next week folks.

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