Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alice, week by week

One week old:
From Zero to One flew by. The morning Alice was born I couldn't stop looking at her. She makes the sweetest squeaks when she is awake and this week she began emulating the way I hum her to sleep. She lies on my chest with her head right by my heart, face up towards me (looking like a little glowworm), arms spread in a hug around my ribcage and slowly nods out as I make a little humming noise every time I exhale. After doing this without really noticing for about 2 days I heard her doing the exact same thing! Except with her it is cute, while I am certain Tim has often wondered what the hell is wrong with his wife that she hums herself to sleep.

Two weeks old:
Alice went into the city for the first time this week. Our friend Mike had some pieces in an art show on the Lower East Side and we packed her up and ventured out to the big city. She looks so tiny in her carrier that she disappears into it entirely so I am not sure how much she absorbed. This week, we also realize that she LOVES sucking on our pinkies. She can't really take a pacifier yet, so the pinkie sucking really helps calm her down during the big bad diaper changes. She will not tolerate being swaddled and escapes them like Houdini every time we try. She was born with her hands up by her face and there they must remain.

Three weeks old:
This week it became apparent that Alice inherited her fathers' digestive system and her mothers' temper. She is completely intolerant of having even the smallest gas bubble in her system and her cries reach decibels previously unknown. It is like a fire alarm going off for a piece of burnt toast. When she is not fretting over gas, she is the sweetest thing in the world. She began puckering up her lips into the tiniest kiss in the world (though just as effective as the big version) and looks at us with those big blue eyes.

Four weeks old:
Alice's facial expressions began to get out-of-hand cute this week. She also began reacting to our facial expressions, not just emulating them. But holy cow Alice hates diaper changing time. It doesn't help that she got a bad diaper rash from using disposable wipes (we have since switched to flannel). We have a crochet cat stuffed animal named Green Bean that we try to dance around to distract her during changes, but she turns bright red and puts her hands up to both her cheeks and looks exactly like The Scream by Edvard Munch. We had to let her be without her diaper as much as possible so it would heal and she set a record by peeing on Tim 3x in under 5 minutes.

Five weeks old:
Oh my god, I am ready to cut my pinkie off and just let Alice have it. I can't wait until she discovers she has fingers of her own. As you can see, she gets more animated everyday and I begin noticing mannerisms which I assume we will see her do for the rest of her life. A furrow of a brow, the way she squints her eyes, etc. She can't bear it when I pick at her either, which I think is also a bit of her personality beginning to come out. If she has an eye booger or some fuzz somewhere she pushes my hands around while I am trying to get it off of her. If she is next to me while we are sleeping, she reaches out with her hands and puts them on my arm or chest while she falls asleep. When she is waking up, she begins fidgeting around, squeaking and grunting in a move I refer to as her "Snuffle Shuffle". This move wakes me up in an instant as she sleeps either on my chest or up against my side.

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