Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alice, week by week

Six weeks old:
Some wonderful things happened this past week. Alice looked at right at me and smiled with intent. A real high-wattage one too. We were hanging out in bed before getting up in the morning and I was chatting away telling her all the things we were going to try to do later (shower, walk, grocery shop, bake cookies), followed by a realistic assessment of what we will most likely achieve (nurse, change, nurse, change, nap, wake right back up, suck on finger, fall back asleep, repeat). I was asking her if she was going to let me drink my coffee while it was hot and she just BEAMED at me. It makes drinking cold coffee totally worth it.

Also, just last night she was pushing up on her forearms and looking around while we were leaning back on the couch chest to chest and Tim walked by. Alice followed him all around the room with her head! She usually is looking too intently at the artwork on the walls to notice much else. She is really into the artwork on the walls and the photographs in her nursery. We have one of Aden and Harper right by her changing table that she recently noticed and it makes diaper changing time a blast rather than the hugely traumatic life threatening situation she thought it was last week.

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