Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10 weeks

10 weeks:

About halfway into this week Alice completely handed me my ass. Tim too. It is tough being schooled by someone who is just 23" tall. Especially when you think you are getting into the swing of things. But on Sunday night for whatever reason, she decided that she wasn't going to sleep. Ever. And all that time she would have spent sleeping was now going to be spent screaming bloody murder. It was our first glimpse of what having a colic baby would be like and I have nothing but helpless tears for parents of those babies. After trying everything that had ever calmed Alice down in the past and suggestions from others that had once seemed asinine, we finally had success by giving her a bath and she fell peacefully asleep while laying on my chest in the bathtub with Tim drizzling water over her back and legs. We were blissfully happy until we realized, while thankful something had calmed her down, that we were still in a rather unfortunate situation ie: her and I naked in the tub. We managed to keep her asleep on my chest while both of us were mostly dried off and transferred to the bed and slowly, ever so slowly over the next hour, we got a diaper on her and clothes on me. Because Alice's explosion had hit so out of the blue (one minute she was cooing happily, the next screaming like a banshee), I was not prepared to suddenly be anchored underneath my daughter and trapped into an early bedtime. Tim had to bring me a wet wash cloth so I could wash my face and several cups and a tooth brush so I could brush my teeth-all while lying underneath a kid set on 'hyper sensitive'. Thankfully, it all ended without anyone having an aneurysm, but she has been fighting going to sleep ever since. Not to the same degree as Sunday but still more than before. I sincerely hope this is a quick phase. In other news, she loves standing up. And being lifted up in the air like Baby in Dirty Dancing. I'm working on getting a video if it.

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