Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11 weeks

11 weeks

The best thing about this week was my discovery that Alice absolutely loves to be sung to. I have sung songs to her quite often over the past 11 weeks, but this week I started singing single notes. She'll be standing on my lap and I'll open my mouth really wide and sing a note to her and she will smile and then open her mouth in a big O and raise up on her toes and try like crazy to sing back to me. She can get some 'ahhhhs' out too! It is pretty great. Moving on to the worst thing about this week... I have discovered a way to get Alice quiet no matter what she is upset about/ how upset she is. Normally this would be really great news, but as it turns out the trick is to hold Alice to my chest with my left arm underneath her bottom for support, my right pinkie in her mouth for her to suck on, and my chin hooked over her head to steady her neck and then do an unending series of really deep squats. Within 5 seconds she will stop wailing, close her big blue eyes suck happily on my pinkie. When my thighs are burning, my heart is banging against my chest and I have broken out in a sweat I will stand still to take a break and (if she has not fallen asleep yet) she will instantly begin getting upset again. She is more intense than Jillian Michaels and we are in discussions for a workout video. She weighs 11 lbs, so you can workout along with us! Just go get two 5 lb bags of flour and box of confectioners sugar, cradle it all in your left arm only and start doing squats. When the squats hurt, start doing lunges. When those hurt, start bouncing on your toes. When that burns start lifting that stuff up in the air repeatedly with your arms. Then, if you want to get creative balance that stuff on your feet when you are sitting on the couch, lean back and swing your feet up and down and up and down. After that you can balance it all in your arms, bend over at the waist and swing it back and forth underneath your legs.

Then repeat everything.

Rest is for the weak.

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