Wednesday, November 30, 2011

12 weeks

12 weeks

We have had severe instances of good and bad this week, which is apparently what this parenting thing is all about I guess. There are moments of such wild, amazing joy and then they are followed by moments of severe screaming and fury- it makes every day feel like a freaking week. We are still figuring out this sleep thing, Alice and I. You think it would be easy (it is not), but what makes it so tough is her continuing battle with gas. She is completely intolerant of having gas in her body and despite constant un-yeilding intervention on my part, she just keeps on making it. She will wake up from a dead sleep screaming her head off and I'll go in to soothe her, she'll pass wind and then fall back to sleep like it was nothing. If, for some reason she can't pass that gas all hell breaks loose and she will be up fighting until she finally gets it out and only then will she fall asleep. Sadly, there are so few products on the market for infant gas, but we have tried ALL of them (a big concession for me, since I am a less is more kind of person). At all hours I can be found playing typewriter on Alice's belly, bending her legs all around and cheering should my efforts give her any relief (it should be noted that this is the exact opposite reaction I have when Tim passes wind). We would be starting some kind of sleep training about now, but it seems so mean to leave her to teach herself to sleep when the only reason she isn't sleeping is due to gas and she is uncomfortable, poor little thing.

In other news, I turned 30. All I have to say about that is at least I don't look as old as I feel.

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