Wednesday, November 2, 2011

8 weeks

8 weeks:

This week Alice got all Marky Mark on me during our photo shoot. Her personality has continued to emerge and I suppose I should expect a certain amount of feisty-ness from any child of mine. The way she cries has changed over the past few days as well, there are distinct differences in the forms of "Ehhhh", "Ahhhh", and "WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!". I have yet to figure out exactly what each one means though I suspect something along the lines of "I have gas that needs to come out the top", "I have gas that needs to come out the bottom", and "I am good and pissed off that I am not sleeping anymore because of this effing gas!". There is also a sad little whimper that comes out occasionally when she is just staring to get sleepy, it begins with a quiver of the bottom lip and is so textbook pathetic I wonder where she read it.

Also: Halloween. We didn't do much, but we did pull out the skull mask. Alice went as a baby whose mama ate her candy.

And Pablo. Oh, Pablo.

This is from last week or so, but I thought it would be enjoyed nonetheless.

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