Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Weeks

9 Weeks:

This week Alice has begun making noises. Noises independent of screaming. Up until now, it suddenly occurs to me that she was pretty quiet. There were snorts and grunts I suppose and she has always been a pretty loud eater, but now she is squeaking and cooing and having grand old time. She is also really trying to soothe herself (thankfully-my pinkie is a wilted, white, wrinkled thing) and puts her fist in her mouth whenever she can- the only problem is that she makes the tightest fist ever and tucks her little thumb inside. So she really wants a finger but ends up trying to suck a fist and then gets pretty pissed off that the soothing isn't going to plan. I never thought I would encourage a thumb sucker since I sucked mine for so long, but I am desperately trying to teach her how to make a proper fist! I do hear that the sucking reflex lessens over time. More than anything though, Alice loves a good bath! I sit in our big tub with her and stretch my legs out. Then I put her head on my left knee and her feet up on my right knee, hammock-ing her body in between and she absolutely loves it. I can't wait until next summer when we can set the birthing pool up on our back porch and take a proper dip together!

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