Wednesday, December 14, 2011

14 weeks

14 Weeks:

There have been some seriously good things about this week. We started Alice on Probiotic drops for babies to help regulate her digestive system and there has been a huge improvement already. I would say 60% and it hasn't even been a full week. It kills me that it took us this long to find a product that helped her poor little body work properly, but I am really enjoying this happy new baby of mine. Alice and I had one of the loveliest days ever yesterday and after the past few weeks, I don't know which of us needed it more. We got up early and smiley, charmed Tim awake with trial giggles (she is soooo close to laughing!) and then ran some neighborhood errands in the sunshine. It was chilly, but gorgeous out yesterday and Alice couldn't get enough of people watching. She was handing out smiles left and right, watching cars pass and looking at the trees and buildings as we walked. Then, just as I was thinking that perhaps I was pushing it too far with nap time, she just laid her sweet little head down on my chest as we walked home and zonked right out. When we got home, she had a big poo without screaming and thrashing, we took a bath and big long nap. The whole day she was just happy and sweet, smiling and cooing contentedly. Goodness it was nice.

In other news, Alice really gets excited when she sees videos of babies. Sometimes when she is upset I will show her a video of herself and she stops crying instantly and mimics the noises she is making on screen or reacts to whatever it is I am saying. I'm sure it is a bit confusing for her, but hey whatever keeps this baby girl from feeling sad is something I am down with!

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