Monday, December 19, 2011

15 Weeks

15 Weeks:

We got a visit this week from our friends Charlie and Yvonne (of St. John vacationship fame) and their 9 month old daughter Emmy. We have always planned having a life-long vacation-relationship (vacationship) with them, but the deal is much sweeter now that we both have these darling littles that are so close in age. I love the idea of them getting as excited as we are to see each other every summer when we get together! If their first meeting is any indicator of how much they will love each other in the future, we are all in for some really great times. Emmy is an absolute sweetheart. You can tell already that she is just a kind, gentle soul and it warmed my heart to see her and Alice hanging out. Alice could not take her eyes off of her! Everything Emmy was doing, Alice was astounded by: army crawling, playing with toys, eating, etc. You could tell that Alice's little baby mind was blown seeing someone so close to her age doing things she would soon be doing. And Emmy was so delicate with Alice! She would reach out and sweetly pat her head or pet her hand and smile, smile, smile. I can't wait to watch them together the next time.

Alice's digestive issues continue to improve so those of you out there that have little ones with super-traumatizing gas or irregular BM's try putting them on probiotics. We are using BioGaia probiotic drops that you can get behind the pharmacy counter (it has to be refrigerated) at Walgreens, but I am sure there are other brands out there. I just can't get over how easy and completely hidden this solution was for us. In 3 months of research, not a hint on the internet radar (articles, forums, and otherwise) or a bone thrown from our doc or PA. We have a freaking arsenal of over-the-counter gripe waters, colic calms, and simethicone drops. With all the time I have spent looking at the infant gas relief section at the drug store it would have been nice if they had put out a sign or something that mentioned they had other options behind the pharmacy counter. But no, it's all super secret for whatever ridiculous reason. Secret no more, I am telling everyone I know about it so there. With Alice, my only complaint is that she is regular now. So regular that she is pooping every 24 hours, which would be great but she just happens to be going between 4-6 am- a time I would rather be sleeping than changing my daughters diaper and occasionally having to bathe her. Diapering is such a flawed system. I love her cloth diapers, but overnight she gets occasional pee leaks from being on her side and the last thing I want to do is really wake her up by having to change her outfit completely. So, I have been putting her in a disposable diaper overnight because it absorbs more liquid. However, it does not contain #2 nearly as well as the cloth diapers do. Seriously, disposable diapers just wave at that shit as it shoots by...and up and out and all over everything else. Perhaps I need to put a disposable on and then layer it with a cloth diaper? Apparently there are people that don't use diapers at all. There is something called Elimination Communication and you should just respond accordingly to your child's elimination needs. Far be it from me to judge something that works for someone else (after all, we should all be doing whatever it is that works for us and our families), so all I am going to say about that is more power to ya. I have great reflexes, but I don't think that I am nearly fast enough for that um, shit.

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