Wednesday, December 28, 2011

16 weeks

16 weeks:

Alice had her first cold this week. It has been pretty mild, but she is full of snot and of course the only way to get it out of her little head is to suck it out with the nasal aspirator. For those of you that are not familiar with a nasal aspirator, it is a bulb looking thing that you compress with a flute on the other end that goes into her nose and literally sucks snot out when you let go of the bulb part. Oh my god Alice hates that thing with the fire of a thousand suns. The mere presence of the aspirator inspires wails of extreme discontent whether or not it is even in active use. But I will say the new and improved Alice recovers so quickly from emotional explosions. It seems that even at her tender age of 16 weeks, she is able to put things in the proper perspective. I am certain she is thinking, 'Well, damn. I do hate this snot sucker, but I sure am glad that I am not writhing in agony with days and days of pent up digestive issues!' The nickname I gave her (toot-sweet) is pretty obsolete now, which is a glorious, glorious thing! Her natural merriment has finally had the opportunity to take over and our whole household (cats included) are benefiting. Tim is home from work this week and she has seriously fallen IN LOVE with him. From across the room, she will catch his eye and just beam with happiness. But, that could be because I am the one that is sucking the snot out of her head and she is attempting to appeal to the one potential person who can rescue her from the clutches of her evil, torturous mother...

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