Wednesday, January 4, 2012

17 Weeks

17 Weeks:

It was a bit of pleasure cruise this past week as Tim was home from work for the holidays and I could pass Alice to him and shower, eat, drink, go to the bathroom whenever I pleased! There is something to be said for having a support system around, I guess. But we did have a bunch of friends stop by and from what I can tell Alice is definitely ok with other people holding her as long as they are not too loud, wearing perfume, and she has had her warming up time. I was a bit concerned as she spends 98% of her awake time alone with me and the other 2% with Tim, but I think she's doing just fine especially if she has time to get used to you. It's funny how some babies are like that and others don't need any adjustment time. In general though, I would say that Alice's temperament is more on the reserved, observant side and she requires a certain amount of delicacy when being handled. My nephew was the opposite when he was a baby. I remember being able to distract him with quick movements and loud surprising new noises when he would get upset. If you pull that stuff with Alice she will stop for a moment and then come back at you with twice the previous amount of fury because you startled her when she was already pissed about something.

This week she has several wonderful new tricks. She loves being walked around. If you hold her arms to steady her she will lift her feet immediately and plow on ahead. It is kind of like driving a Segway, you just have to lean her forward a bit and off she goes! She also has begun sucking her lips into her mouth at random moments-sometimes just the bottom lip, sometimes both (as seen in the photo). Most importantly, we caught her in the act of sucking her thumb! Really sucking it. Pinkies across the world rejoice for the soon to be release of one of your brothers! My poor puckered pinkie.

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