Friday, January 6, 2012

Bits and Pieces

This is a video from Thanksgiving (Alice is 11 weeks here), immediately before she exploded just as I was serving up a delicious dinner I had spent all afternoon cooking. She didn't stop crying until like 9 pm or something after Tim and I had tried everything to make her stop, but finally gave her a bath and she fell asleep on me naked in the tub. We ended up getting her and me dried off and dressed v e r y slowly on the bed and Tim had to feed me a twice microwaved dinner in the darkness when I was trapped under a finally sleeping Alice. This was also my 30th birthday. But hey, the video of the calm before the storm is nice, right?

Here is Alice when she should have been sleeping.

And here is my darling girl walking around. She is usually awee bit faster, but she is completely distracted by the video camera despite seeing it multiple times a day.

Also, I was wondering what Alice would look like with hair so I uploaded a photo of her on one of those virtual makeover websites and tried on different celebrity hairstyles. I hope that in reality, she will look much more normal with her own hair when it should decide to come along.


  1. Omg. The third to last photo. It's very Palin-esque of Alice ;)

  2. It is the Sarah Palin! Or the old Sarah Palin I should say, Yahoo News told me that she had a new wavy hairstyle at the Iowa caucus. Yahoooooo!