Wednesday, February 1, 2012

21 Weeks

21 Weeks:

Oh wow, Alice is seriously amazing. Her attention to detail is incredible. She notices when I move furniture and photos, she tracks the cats around and has a mildly annoying habit of looking towards sound rather than movement which complicates story time. Since her legs are so developed I put her in the Johnny Jump Up to see what she thought and while she hasn't quite figured out the bouncing part of it yet, she loves walking around in the doorway and spinning and looking at everything. She wasn't in there 5 minutes before she walked over to the doorframe and started touching the hinges in a oooo-what is this thing? sort of way. On a daily basis she is beginning to exhibit what I like to call Proof of Paternity. Anyone who knows Tim recognizes that his brain is wired a bit differently from most other peoples. He looks at things in a very unique way (one of the many things I love about him) and Alice is beginning to remind me of him already. Example: we read her these finger puppet books at night and one side has the finger puppet attached, but when you turn the page there is a hole where the puppet was, but is no longer. Alice looks at the hole. Not at the puppet which is moving, but the hole in the other page! It is like she knows that you are supposed to ignore it, but she wants to figure out why before she does. Also, in her Exersaucer I mentioned that I have been removing some of the toys, switching them around and putting other toys through the leftover holes. Well, some of them are still holes and the other day I looked over at her and realized that she was, very intently, staring through one of the holes at the floor underneath. Sheesh, we may have another creative thinker on our hands.

Also, this was a tough week for me. The sleep problems Alice brought back from NC almost drove me through a wall and it took nearly 5 months, but I finally realized that in order to be the kind of mom Alice deserves, I need to take better care of myself. Mainly by sleeping, in any way possible and at the expense of anyone possible (almost exclusively my husband, but there were some days last week where I am pretty certain the cats were better qualified to care for her than I). This epiphany came yesterday when quite accidentally Alice took a 3 hour nap. Now, usually- despite my efforts, she would only be down for 30 minutes (5-6x a day) so this 3 hour nap caught me completely unawares. I picked up the apartment some, loitered on the internet, ate a bowl of cereal- all while expecting her to get up at any moment. I can't tell you how many times I checked on her to make sure she was still breathing and not running a fever or anything (more than I will admit to). Finally about two hours into it, I decided to just go ahead and take a bath and hope not to be interrupted (Note to Alice: I will no longer be a slave to your naps! Normal daytime activities will resume whether or not you are sleeping like a normal child!). Just as I tuned off the super hot water and was seconds from getting undressed and into my bath the UPS man knocked on my door to deliver a surprise package for me. It was a Pick Me Up from my very thoughtful sister containing all sorts of fabulous bath products (masks, scrubs, and the like)! It was the perfect trilogy of napping child, piping hot bath, and new products to play with. I couldn't have planned it better than it actually happened and it was such a sweet little something that reminded me that I actually still matter too. It is really easy to forget that when you are caring for something so completely helpless. There has to be a better balance than the way we have been going so far... For both our sakes I hope these longer naps will become a regular thing. I will be there right along side her taking full advantage of the opportunity by sleeping right through it.

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